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Are your designs exclusive to your brand?
Will you have more designs over time?
What can I find in the package from you?
Can I return the candle without reason?
Do you do wholesale?
Are you selling your candles elsewhere?
Do you have your own store?
Have you been featured anywhere?
My grey candles are a bit green-ish. And black candles under the sunlight appear red. Should it be this way?

Yes, they are. We create our designs, moulds and candles. All on our own. You won't find any other brand with our shapes.

We want to increase selection with new shapes, colours and scents. We cannot promise that we will always have the same candles we used to, but we will listen carefully to your feedback.

You will find a sturdy shipping box with an adhesive strip for an easy opening.
All the candles will have their own packaging, which an additional shredded paper will secure to avoid any movements which could cause scratches.
Lastly, each candle will be covered in foam sheet and tissue paper for the last bit of protection.

Of course. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just remember to send it back to us within an agreed time window.

For more information, please check Returns and Exchanges.

Not at the moment. We are in the process of expanding our operational layout, which will lead to increased capacity. When that happens, we will explore a wholesale subject a bit more.

You will find us on Amazon and Etsy. We are also planning to have a pop-up store in London - will share some news closer to the date!

Unfortunately, not at the moment. As we expand, we would like an idea to have a "sniffing corner"!

Yes, we have! You can find us in the latest British Vogue. More details in the Vogue Gift Section!

That is due to the nature of the beeswax. Even though we are using the cleanest and whitest of the beeswaxes available on the market and our colour proportions are always the same, yet we cannot overcome the yellow nature of the wax to come out.